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Object Tree Window

This window shows hierarchy of all objects in the currently active form. The main menu and the context menu(s) also appear here.

To select an object (the form or one of the controls), click on it.

To select several controls, click on the first one, then control-click the others.

A form that was created via File → New → Templates Gallery has a description. The description can be changed or deleted by editing it in the Object Tree.

To edit the description,

  • Click on the Form icon to select it
  • Press F2 or click in the description to begin editing it
  • Edit the description
  • Press Enter to finish editing.

If you edit the description leaving no description, the description is deleted and the name of the form shows instead.

To enter a description for a form that has no description, select the form and press F2.

Description is stored in the Koda form files (.kxf) but are omitted from generated AutoIt script code.

The shortcut key for accessing this window is Ctrl+1.

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