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Object Inspector


Object Inspector contain two parts: a combobox and the properties/styles grid.

When a control in the active form (or the form itself) is selected in the combobox, its properties and styles show in the grid.

Selecting a control also makes the control visible, even if it is hidden behind other controls.

The properties and styles can then be changed.

The properties tab shows the name of each control and its value(s).

Clicking on the + to the left of a property name expands it to show sub-properties.

To change the value of a property, click on its name or on its value. Depending on the type of value, one of the following happens:

  • An inputbox shows: edit the value
  • A dropdown box shows: choose a value
  • A … button shows: click on the button (or double-click the value) to opens the property editor for this property. Multiple values can be viewed, set or changed.


Selecting the Styles tab shows the styles for the selected control. Each is shown as a checkbox.

Some styles are disabled by Koda either:

  • because they are not changeable by the user
  • because they are set by other properties
  • because Windows requires that another style be set, or
  • because they do not work properly in AutoIt.

An example of styles being set by other properties: the BS_BITMAP and BS_ICON button styles are set automatically when you specify an Icon.

Some styles change automatically when another style is changed. This occurs when:

  • a style requires that another style be set,
  • when a style is a combination (sum) of other styles.


  • Checking WS_MAXIMIZEBOX checks and disables WS_SYSMENU because Windows requires that if WS_MAXIMIZEBOX is specified, WS_SYSMENU must also be specified.
  • Unchecking WS_POPUPWINDOW checks and disables WS_SYSMENU because WS_POPUPWINDOW is a combination of styles, including WS_SYSMENU.

Control-clicking on the name of a style copies its name and value to the Clipboard. For example, holding down the Control key while clicking on WS_MAXIMIZEBOX puts $WS_MAXIMIZEBOX = 0x10000 on the Clipboard.

The Reset button restores the styles to the AutoIt defaults.


The ExStyles tab works the same way as the Styles tab.

The shortcut key for accessing this window is Ctrl+2.

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