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Picture Editor

This dialog is accessed by double-clicking to the right of Picture in Object Inspector when a Pic, Icon, Button or Checkbox control is selected.

This screen shot shows an example of how the Picture Editor looks when invoked from an Icon control.

To load a file:

  1. Click on Load. The Windows file open dialog is displayed
  2. Navigate to a directory, choose a file, and click on Open. The image is displayed in the Selected image list.
  3. Check Fit image to view the entire image.

To select an image from a .exe file:

  1. Click on Load. The Windows file open dialog is displayed.
  2. Enter the full path and click on Open. The images available from the file are displayed in the Images in file list.
  3. Select an image from the file. It is displayed in Selected image. For an icon that is available in more than one size, all sizes are displayed, with their dimensions.
  4. If more than one image appears in Selected image, select one.

An icon in a Button control must be one marked small or large in Selected image.

Custom path to image can expand three Autoit macros (none of which return the trailing backslash):

<color blue>@WindowsDir</color>path to Windows folder
<color blue>@System32Dir</color>path to Windows' System32 folder
<color blue>@TempDir</color>Path to the temporary files folder

By replacing the path with one of these macros, the picture will still be displayed on a PC that has different drive letters and for another user.

You can test a file specification that has a macro in it by clicking on Test: the image should still be displayed, and the full path will appear below Custom path to image.

To remove an image from the form or parent control, clcik on Clear.

View list as (only enabled for icons) determines which size of icons to display

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