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Color Editor

A color can be chosen in three ways:

  1. Select one of predefined colors from the combobox
  2. Double-click on the Color item to open the Windows color dialog
  3. Enter a hexadecimal constant in the combobox

#remarks_header[Predefined colors]#

There are two groups of predefined colors:

  • System colors - can be changed in the Windows Control Panel, and
  • Fixed colors.

The System colors are:

clActiveBorderActive window border
clActiveCaptionActive window title bar
clAppWorkSpaceBackground color of multiple document interface (MDI) applications
clBtnFaceFace color for 3D display elements and for dialog box backgrounds
clBtnHighlightHighlight color for 3D display elements (for edges facing the light source)
clBtnShadowShadow color for 3D display elements (for edges facing away from the light source)
clBtnTextText on push buttons
clCaptionTextText in caption, size box, and scroll bar arrow box
clGradientActiveCaptionRight side color in the color gradient of an active window's title bar
clGradientInactiveCaptionRight side color in the color gradient of an inactive window's title bar
clGrayTextGrayed (disabled) text
clHighlightItem(s) selected in a control
clHighlightTextText of item(s) selected in a control
clHotlightColor for a hyperlink or hot-tracked item
clInactiveBorderInactive window border
clInactiveCaptionInactive window caption
clInactiveCaptionTextColor of text in an inactive caption
clInfoBkBackground color for tooltip controls
clInfoTextText color for tooltip controls
clMenuMenu background
clMenuBarBackground color for the menu bar when menus appear as flat menus
clMenuHighlightColor used to highlight menu items when the menu appears as a flat menu
clMenuTextText in menus
clScrollbarScroll bar gray area
clWindowWindow background
clWindowFrameWindow frame
clWindowTextText in windows

The Fixed colors are:


width=“20” style=“background-color:black;” width=“150”clBlack
width=“20” style=“background-color:maroon;” width=“150”clMaroon
width=“20” style=“background-color:green;” width=“150”clGreen
width=“20” style=“background-color:olive;” width=“150”clOlive
width=“20” style=“background-color:navy;” width=“150”clNavy
width=“20” style=“background-color:purple;” width=“150”clPurple
width=“20” style=“background-color:teal;” width=“150”clTeal
width=“20” style=“background-color:gray;” width=“150”clGray
width=“20” style=“background-color:silver;” width=“150”clSilver
width=“20” style=“background-color:red;” width=“150”clRed
width=“20” style=“background-color:lime;” width=“150”clLime
width=“20” style=“background-color:yellow;” width=“150”clYellow
width=“20” style=“background-color:blue;” width=“150”clBlue
width=“20” style=“background-color:fuchsia;” width=“150”clFuchsia
width=“20” style=“background-color:aqua;” width=“150”clAqua
width=“20” style=“background-color:white;” width=“150”clWhite
width=“20” style=“background-color:#C0DCC0;” width=“150”clMoneyGreen
width=“20” style=“background-color:#A6CAF0;” width=“150”clSkyBlue
width=“20” style=“background-color:#FFFBF0;” width=“150”clCream
width=“20” style=“background-color:#A0A0A4;” width=“150”clMedGray

#remarks_header[Color expressed as a hexadecimal constant]#

A color can be entered as a hexadecimal constant. The format is <color blue>00RRGGBB</color>.

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