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ActiveX Browser

<color red>Warning! Save your form before trying to choose objects! Though Koda will try to handle errors caused by ActiveX components, this realm is in many cases unpredictable, and some components can freeze or crash Koda! It will then be too late to save your work.</color>

This dialog is accessed by double-clicking to the right of AXObject in Object Inspector when an Obj (ActiveX) control is selected.

:!: The browser can take significant time to scan the Registry for installed components that have IDispatch interfaces and can be embedded into GUI.

To embed an ActiveX component:

  1. Wait for the browser to find all suitable components in the Registry
  2. Select a component from the list. Its path, ID, and GUID will be displayed
  3. Koda attempts to display this object in preview area.
  4. Check the status line to see whether object was created successfully or not.
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