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Doing Options → Options and clicking on Language displays this pane:

The current language is shown in green near the lower right of the pane.

To choose a language for the Koda GUI, select it and click on Apply.

If a help file is available for this language, Download help file will be enabled. Click on this button to install it.

To add a new language file,

  1. Select the language on which it will be based, and click on Apply
  2. Click on Create template. A language XML file will be created in the Language folder with the name <color blue>template_xxx.xml</color> (where <color blue>xxx</color> is the abbreviation for the base language).
  3. Translate the strings in this file.
  4. Rename the file to <color blue>lang_xxx.xml</color>, where <color blue>xxx</color> is the 3-letter code for the new language.


If you need to change the flag icon, please download language kit from Koda's homepage.

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