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Options → Options shows this dialog if this is the first time you did Options → Options or if the last time you did Options → Options you closed the dialog from General:

Form run method The method Koda uses to run the active form (via Tools → Run form). This can be:

  • Associated - when you have AutoIt correctly installed or, at least, have the AU3 extension associated. This is the default method.
  • Manual - in this case, you can select the path to AutoIt executable.

At Koda startup Which form is opened when you run Koda. The choices are:

  • Create new form - a new form will be created just after start.
  • Open last form - the last saved form will be opened.
  • Open form… - you can set the form that will be opened after Koda starts.

Association This button has one of two captions, depending on whether the .kxf (Koda form file) extension is associated in Windows or not:

  • Set - associates the .kxf extension with Koda
  • Remove - removes the above association.

If setting is successful, Associated is shown above the button.

If you are running Windows Vista and up with UAC enabled, the button will show the shield icon, and will request administrative rights when clicked.

Create backup A form is saved as a .kxf file. When this option is checked, Koda will back up the .kxf file of the currently active form each time you save it. The backup copy will have the same name as that of the form, with an additional .bak extension appended.

Undo levels This spinner sets the number of building/editing steps Koda can undo. Setting this configuration to 0 (zero) disables the Undo functionality.

Number of recent file list (1-20) Defines the number of recently opened files listed in the File -> Recent files menu.

“Update script” also saves form Checking this box allows you choose if, when you do Tools → Update Script, the associated form is saved.

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