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Doing Options → Options and clicking on Designer displays this pane:

#remarks_header[Grid options]#

Display grid shows the grid on the form designer canvas.

Snap to grid causes controls, when created or moved, to align to the closest grid lines.

The default Grid size is 8 x 8 pixels.


The windows are Object Tree, Object Inspector and Form List.

If Keep standard layout is checked, the layout of the windows can't be changed. If it is not checked:

  • If Snap windows is checked, window will glue to another window when moved near it.
  • If it is not checked, the user is free to position and size the windows any way he wishes.

Size and position saving has no effect if Keep standard layout is checked. It determines whether the windows maintain their sizes and positions between Koda sessions. It may be set to:

  • Don't save - The windows will be the default size at the default position when Koda is next run
  • Automatically - The window sizes and positions will be as they were when this session ends
  • Manually - The window sizes and positions will be those at the time Options → Remember position was last selected.

#remarks_header[Other options]#

If Reflect form style changes at design time is checked, changes in form styles will immediately visible at design time.

Setting some styles can mess with your form, and you won't be able to return its previous state until form reloading. Don't reflect unsafe styles is on by default; this is the recommended setting. Change it at your own risk.

#remarks_header[Object Tree]#

If Always fully expand is checked, when a form containing Groups is loaded, Object Tree shows the controls within them.

If By default use Caption instead of Name is checked, when a form is loaded, Object Tree displays the Caption of each control rather than its Name.

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