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Doing Options → Options and clicking on Formatting displays this pane:

#remarks_header[Default formatting options]#

These settings apply to newly created Forms. They can be overridden in Tools → Generating Options | Formatting.

The Indent char can be a tab or a space. The calls to GUI functions (in Message Loop mode), and OnClick functions (in OnEvent mode) are indented Init characters. Other lines are indented an additional Count indent characters times the indent level.

The default is for Koda not to declare control ID and % variables: the Scope of Variables is Not set. Global declares the variables as Global; Local declares them as Local.

#remarks_header[Other settings]#

This setting applies to newly created Forms. It cannot be overridden for the currently active form in Tools → Generating Options.

The Data separator is the character used as the separator for parameters of GUI functions that require a separator, e.g. <color blue>GUICtrlCreateListView</color>.

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