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First look

Koda was built with Delphi. It also uses some standard Delphi components and concepts. We understand that it can be a bit unfamiliar for one who hasn't worked with an IDE like Delphi, VB, VC, etc., so we'll try to explain some of the “unique” aspects of Koda.

  1. I can understand “Button”, but what does the strange “TAButton” mean?
    This concept comes from the object-oriented language Delphi. In Delphi, all object classes begin with the letter “T”. When creating an instance of an object, T is dropped and the “name of the instantiated object” becomes the “name of class (without T) + number of instance”. In Koda a pre-pended letter “A”, is indicative of “Autoit”.
    The benefit of the “GUI” is that the properties of the controls are provided in a consistent and sequential manner with the benefit being increased productivity, so it is not necessary to get caught up in the naming conventions used. :-)
  2. What about those strange color names?
    Actually, this concept is very convenient. You will find more detailed explanation of all color naming conventions here.
  3. What do the weird prefixes of some properties, like the “fs” in fsBold, etc. mean?
    This comes directly from Delphi, where all flags in one set usually have some prefix. Usually, those prefixes are meaningful. Just to clarify, “fs” means “font style”.
    This may change in future versions though.
  4. Where do I set text colors? The Color property changes background color.
    Text color is set in the Font property group.
  5. Control positions look strange in controls placed within group control.
    Please read about Container Controls.
  6. What to do with strange controls placed within Menu, ContextMenu, and TrayMenu?
    Please read about Substitute controls.

That's all folks! If you have understood the above text, then you are ready to start building a GUI with Koda!

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