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Import Autoit GUI

When you click on File → Import → Import AutoIt GUI this dialog shows:

It provides the means of importing a GUI from an AutoIt script that contains both GUI code and other code.

You may paste script code, or Load code from a .au3 file. The code appears in the edit box.

If there are multiple <color blue>GUICreate</color> to <color blue>GUISetSate</color> blocks in a file, only the first one is loaded.

You may edit the code before requesting conversion.

When you click on Process, Koda selects GUI functions from the code and converts them to a form.

The Clear button empties the edit box, allowing you to start again.

If you exit Koda and then run it again, the edit control will be empty.

This feature is intended for cases where the GUI code was created outside of Koda. It has limited capability, so may fail to recognize some GUI code. So use it sparingly. If you create a GUI in Koda, save it as a .kxf file. If you lose a .kxf file, try recreating the form using this feature.

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