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Tab Order Editor

To access this editor, do Edit → Tab Order.

In a dialog or form, pressing Tab moves focus from one control to the next. Next is determined by Tab Order. AutoIt considers the tab order of the controls to be specified by the order in which the GUICtrlCreate… functions appear in the code. So this editor changes the sequence in which GUI code is generated.

AutoIt does not allow tabbing to Group and Tab controls.

AutoIt treats Tab Order in a hierarchical way: there is one tab sequence for the form, and one for each Group control, and one for each Tab control.

To move a control higher in the tab order:

  1. In Object Treeview, click on the entity to be sequenced: the form, a Group control, or a Tab control.
  2. Do Edit → Tab Order
  3. Click on the control to select it
  4. Click on to move the control up
  5. Continue to press until the control is in the desired position
  6. Click on OK to save the revised tab order and close the Editor.

To move a control lower in the tab order, click on the key.

You may also move a control up or down by dragging and dropping it.

If you hover the mouse over a control, Koda shows its Caption.

The Editor shows a number to the left of each control. This is the existing tab position. The first tab position is 0.

Koda also provides a way of setting the tab position manually: in Object Inspector. This method is not recommended because it swaps the tab position of the currently selected control with the tab position of another control. For example, if you change the Tab Order of btnOK from 2 to 5 and chkCat has Tab Order 5, there will be a side-effect: chkCat will then have Tab Order 2. This may not be what you intend!

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