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Attaching controls

Some controls need to be attached to the another in order to work, that is: to generate code. For example, many controls can have a context menu. But ContextMenu is a substitute control, so it appears on the form but does nothing until it is attached. To let Koda know that this control should use a particular context menu, select this control from the ContextMenu property. In the drop-down list you see only controls that can be attached via this property.

There is one control that is not a substitute control but does nothing until it is attached: a spinner is created by attaching an the UpDown control to an InputBox control.

Generally, if you choose a control that is already attached to another control, it is detached from the old control and attached to the new control.

Usually a control can be attached only to one control. The only exception is the ImageList control: an ImageList can be simultaneously attached to multiple controls.

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