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Format of Styles File

Styles definitions reside in the styles.xml file.

        <class name=TAForm forced="14C00000" default="94CA0000">
            <style name="WS_MAXIMIZEBOX" value="00010000"/>

A <class> definition has one or two attributes:

defaultdefault style value: a string of hexadecimal digitsrequired
forcedits forced value: a string of hexadecimal digitsoptional

Each <style> definition has two or three attributes:

nameWindows API name of stylerequired
valueits value: a string of hexadecimal digitsrequired
maskthe mask for mutually exclusive stylesoptional

An example of mask:

<style name="BS_LEFT" value="00000100" mask="00000300"/>
<style name="BS_RIGHT" value="00000200" mask="00000300"/>
<style name="BS_CENTER" value="00000300" mask="00000300"/>
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