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Format of Form Files

The format of Koda's form (.kxf) files has been designed to be as simple as the powerful features of Koda will allow. It conforms to XML rules, so importing forms from, and exporting forms to, other applications is possible. Indeed, a code generator has been written to generate Corel PerfectScript dialogs from Koda form files.

This page describes the .kxf file format. A general understanding of XML is assumed.

Note that:

  • All tags and attribute names are case-sensitive
  • All property and component nodes must be present in every object, even if they are empty.

#remarks_header[Common structure]#

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<object type="type" name="name">
        <property name="name" vt="vt">

<color blue>. . .</color> denotes a scalar value. It may also denote a list of strings or a collection: see below.


<color blue>object</color> has two attributes:

typeclassname of object, e.g. TALabel
nameunique name of object.

<color blue>name</color> is an application controlled attribute, so Koda's parser will not fix it if it is not unique! The only exception is an empty name: you can have any number of objects with an empty name.


<color blue>property</color> has two attributes:

namename of the object property, e.g. Caption
vt variant type, i.e. type of value

<color red>vt</color> is one of:

Binarybinary data (see below)
Collectioncollection (see below)
Extendedfloating point number (double precision)
Identobject identifier
Int8short 8-bit integer;
Int16short 16-bit integer;
Int32long 32-bit integer;
Listlist of strings (see below)
Setset of identifiers
Singlefloating point number
StringANSI string
Unicode string, handled as ANSI string

#remarks_header[Variant types requiring special handling]#
List of strings

Example: lines of Items property of a ListBox control

<property name="Lines" vt="List">


Example: Column headings of a ListView control

<property name="Columns" vt="Collection">
            <property name="Caption" vt="String">Col 1</property>
            <property name="Caption" vt="String">Col 2</property>


Example: an icon

<property name="Icon" vt="Binary">

Binary data is split into 32-byte pieces and converted to hexadecimal, so every <color blue>. . .</color> contains 64 hexadecimal symbols (except possibly the last one).

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