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198KodaApplicationBug ReportLowWhen CBS_DROPDOWNLIST is set, Koda generate CBS_SIMPLE ...NewAdmin15.04.2011 Task Description

When CBS_DROPDOWNLIST is set, Koda generate CBS_SIMPLE instead.

141KodaApplicationBug ReportLowAbility to generate more then one tab on one formPostponedAdmin07.11.2010 Task Description

While this is cause not too consistent bahaviour (in case of one tab - code generating in one manner, in case of more - fully different), this can be done with only pure Autoit functions. So probably we can give a try.

 134 KodaApplicationBug ReportLow AV when selecting non-existent recent file ClosedAdmin29.06.2010 Task Description

AV when selecting non-existent recent file

129KodaApplicationBug ReportMediumDummy controls appears behind menusAssignedAdmin15.04.2010 Task Description

Dummy controls appears behind menus. Not worth to create some small hack again: new similar bug will appear surely. Better to rethink and rewrite this part of codegen.

 117 KodaApplicationBug ReportMedium ImageList can be placed into Toolbar ClosedAdmin11.03.2010 Task Description

ImageList can be placed into Toolbar, what is ending with crash.

 113 KodaApplicationBug ReportMedium Wrongly generating "default" styles ClosedAdmin03.03.2010 Task Description

Wrongly generating “default” styles for styles that have not them (GUI_SS_DEFAULT_*).

 107 KodaApplicationFeature RequestLow Handle enabled/disabled state of some styles ClosedAdmin17.02.2010 Task Description

Handle enabled/disabled state of some styles (WS_TABSTOP for Input/Edit)

 106 KodaApplicationFeature RequestLow UAC support for setting associations ClosedAdmin19.02.2010 Task Description

UAC support for setting associations under Vista/Seven

 91 KodaApplicationBug ReportLow Koda crashed under restricted user when configuration f ...ClosedAdmin02.02.2010 Task Description

Koda crashed under restricted user when configuration first created. Better to add ability (with message) to use folder under Application Data.

 88 KodaApplicationFeature RequestLow Rearrange tabs in tab control ClosedAdmin24.03.2010 Task Description

Rearrange tabs in tab control.

 87 KodaApplicationBug ReportLow OnChange event for tab generating in wrong place ClosedAdmin01.02.2010 Task Description

OnChange event for tab generating in wrong place - after tab closing. This is not work when using -1 as control name.

79KodaApplicationFeature RequestLowRichEdit custom controlAssignedAdmin15.10.2009 Task Description

RichEdit custom control since it’s UDF was added in the standard distributive.

 78 KodaApplicationBug ReportMedium TrayItemSetOnEvent not sets for correct menuitem ClosedAdmin01.02.2010 Task Description

TrayItemSetOnEvent not sets for correct menuitem, all TrayItemSetOnEvent’s are in one heap.

 74 KodaApplicationBug ReportMedium Form not saving "loop" mode ClosedAdmin03.08.2009 Task Description

Once created, form should keep mode settings, they are should be changed only via advanced generating options. They are should not be affected by default options anymore.

 73 KodaApplicationBug ReportLow Top and Left positions are not reloaded correctly with  ...ClosedAdmin03.08.2009 Task Description

Top and Left form positions are not reloaded correctly with poFixed

 69 KodaApplicationRegular TaskLow Add empty tooltip to first tabitem ClosedAdmin01.02.2010 Task Description

Add empty tooltip to first tabitem, in case user need to have only second an up tooltips. This should be documented, as mentioned here:

 68 KodaApplicationBug ReportLow Incorrect generating of custom icon path ClosedAdmin01.02.2010 Task Description

This should be generated custom path itself, not expanded expression.

 66 KodaApplicationBug ReportLow Incorrect state of menu/toolbar items when no form in d ...ClosedAdmin01.02.2010 Task Description

Generate and run buttons are remain enabled when closing last form. They disabling when opening a menu, but then remain disabled even after loading form.

 60 KodaApplicationFeature RequestLow Ability to copy Dummy controls ClosedAdmin01.02.2010 Task Description

Ability to copy Dummy controls

 45 KodaApplicationFeature RequestLow Hotkey property for Dummy control ClosedAdmin13.04.2009 Task Description

Hotkey property for Dummy control

 43 KodaApplicationBug ReportLow Setting active Avi control don't generate ACS_AUTOPLAY  ...ClosedAdmin12.04.2009 Task Description

Setting active Avi control don’t generate ACS_AUTOPLAY style

 42 KodaApplicationBug ReportVery Low Eliminate error when trying to set active Avi control w ...ClosedAdmin12.04.2009 Task Description

Eliminate error when trying to set active Avi control without file loaded.

 40 KodaApplicationBug ReportLow TAObj control loose it's dimensions for some objects ClosedAdmin25.03.2009 Task Description

TAObj control loose it’s dimensions for some objects (for example, IEFrame).

 39 KodaApplicationBug ReportLow Font for the TAdate control is not generating ClosedAdmin25.03.2009 Task Description

Font for the TAdate control is not generating

 35 KodaApplicationBug ReportMedium Icon index should be generated negative ClosedAdmin06.03.2009 Task Description

Very old bug: since Koda not operate with icon names, only indexes, index of icon should be generated as negative number.

24KodaApplicationBug ReportLowGeneration options dialog is loose indent char selectio...AssignedAdmin06.02.2009 Task Description

Generation options dialog is loose indent char selection, when opening options dialog by clicking “Manage” button, and then clicking “Ok” in options dialog.

 19 KodaApplicationFeature RequestLow Generating invisible group code ClosedAdmin13.03.20096 Task Description

Generating invisible group code. Maybe by adding Invisible property to Group control.

 18 KodaApplicationFeature RequestLow Remove error when change UpDown limits ClosedAdmin04.02.2009 Task Description

Remove error when change UpDown limits. When property value violate bounds, set it to maximum allowed value (±32767)

 17 KodaApplicationBug ReportLow Align functions "center in window" should rely on Clien ...ClosedAdmin09.02.2009 Task Description

Align functions “center in window” should rely on Client* size

 16 KodaApplicationBug ReportLow The Update Script command does not obey indentation opt ...ClosedAdmin06.02.2009 Task Description

The Update Script command does not obey indentation options. Use the attached project and open it in Koda. Now go to Tools → Generating Options → Formatting. Change the Indent code settings. For example, set Initial to 1, Indent char to Tab and Count to 1. Hit Save to store the settings and dismiss the dialog. Now use Tools → Update Script to update Test.au3. Open Test.au3 and notice that the code is not indented.

 12 KodaApplicationFeature RequestLow Icons (error, exclamation etc) in the log ClosedAdmin10.02.2009 Task Description

Icons (error, exclamation etc) in the log

11KodaApplicationFeature RequestLowRemove ClientWidth/ClientHeightAssignedAdmin13.11.2008 Task Description

Remove ClientWidth/ClientHeight for the Form (Make Width=ClientWidth etc)

 10 KodaApplicationRegular TaskLow Graphic control editor ClosedAdmin09.07.2009 Task Description

Graphic control editor

 9 KodaApplicationFeature RequestLow Make icon selector aware of system metrics for Button c ...ClosedAdmin09.02.2009 Task Description

Make icon selector aware of system metrics for Button control

8KodaApplicationFeature RequestLowCustomizing fontsAssignedAdmin13.11.2008 Task Description

Customizing fonts (by EulerG)

 7 KodaApplicationFeature RequestLow Check clipboard content ClosedAdmin02.02.2010 Task Description

Check clipboard content in order to more control on what can be pasted and what is not

6KodaApplicationFeature RequestLowNot rename form when loading (Form1->Form1_1)AssignedAdmin13.11.2008 Task Description

Not rename form when loading (Form1?Form1_1)

 5 KodaApplicationFeature RequestLow Allow editable descriptions for controls in the Object  ...ClosedAdmin15.02.2010 Task Description

Allow editable descriptions for controls in the Object Tree

4KodaApplicationFeature RequestLowSave chosen template as one of form optionsAssignedAdmin13.11.2008 Task Description

Save chosen template as one of form options.

 3 KodaApplicationBug ReportMedium Incorrect handle of CustomPath property ClosedAdmin09.02.2009 Task Description

Picture editor: incorrect handle of CustomPath property when icon index is used. Possible solution - add separate icon index property.

 2 KodaImportBug ReportMedium Koda doesn't handle ”-1” as default Style ClosedAdmin09.02.2009 Task Description

Koda doesn’t handle ”-1” as default Style

 1 KodaApplicationBug ReportLow Weird subicon with size 0x0 appeared on some icons ClosedAdmin06.02.2009 Task Description

This appeared on some icons, especially Vista ones.

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