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 +====== ToDo ======
 +  * **Graphic control editor**
 +  *Make icon selector aware of system metrics for Button control
 +  *Customizing fonts
 +  *Check clipboard content (in order to more control on what can be pasted and what is not)
 +  *Not rename form when loading (Form1->​Form1_1)
 +  *Remove ClientWidth/​ClientHeight for the Form (Make Width=ClientWidth etc)
 +  *Allow editable descriptions for controls in the Object Tree
 +  *Icons (error, exclamation etc) in the log
 +  *Maybe option to use UDF for controls instead internal AU3 implementation (no thoughts yet)
 +  *Save chosen template as one of form options
 +====== Known Bugs ======
 +  *Weird subicon with size 0x0 appeared on some icons
 +  *Import: Koda doesn'​t handle "​-1"​ as default Style
 +  *Picture editor: incorrect handle of CustomPath property when icon index is used
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