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 +====== Object Tree Window ======
 +This window shows hierarchy of all objects in the currently active form. The main menu and the context menu(s) also appear here.
 +To select an object (the form or one of the controls), click on it.
 +To select several controls, click on the first one, then control-click the others.
 +A form that was created via File -> New -> [[dialog_templates_gallery|Templates Gallery]] has a //​description//​. The description can be changed or deleted by editing it in the Object Tree. 
 +To edit the description, ​
 +  * Click on the Form icon to select it
 +  * Press <​key>​F2</​key>​ or click in the description to begin editing it
 +  * Edit the description
 +  * Press <​key>​Enter</​key>​ to finish editing.
 +{{  window_object_tree.png ​ |}}
 +If you edit the description leaving no description,​ the description is deleted and the name of the form shows instead.
 +To enter a description for a form that has no description,​ select the form and press <​key>​F2</​key>​. ​
 +//​Description is stored in the Koda form files (.kxf) but are omitted from generated AutoIt script code.//
 +The shortcut key for accessing this window is <​key>​Ctrl-1</​key>​.
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