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 +====== Strings Editor ======
 +This dialog is accessed by double-clicking to the right of Lines in Object Inspector when a Edit control is selected.
 +{{  proped_strings_editor.png ​ |}}
 +This is multi-line text editor. ​
 +\\ \\
 +To start a new line, press <​key>​Enter</​key>​.
 +\\ \\
 +To **Copy** text into the edit box, press <​key>​C-c</​key>​.
 +\\ \\
 +To **Cut** text from the edit box, press <​key>​C-x</​key>​.
 +\\ \\
 +To **Paste** text into the edit box, press <​key>​C-v</​key>​.
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