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 +====== Menu Designer ======
 +This editor is accessed by double-clicking to the right of Items in Object Inspector when a Menu, Context Menu or Tray Menu control is selected.
 +{{  proped_menu_builder.png ​ |}}
 +A menu is built by creating a //slot// for an item and then creating a menu item. When you  open Menu Designer, Koda creates the first slot. Right-clicking on a slot displays the context menu. It offers three choices: **Insert**, **Delete** and **Create sub-menu**. Object Inspector is used to set properties for the menu as a whole and for each menu item.
 +A tutorial, [[koda:​documentation:​create_menu|]],​ guides the novice in creating a menu.
 +  * To resequence or move a menu item,  drag-and-drop.
 +  * By design, empty slots are deleted when you exit Menu Designer
 +  * To create a separator, enter <color blue>​-</​color>​ (minus sign) as the caption of the menu item.
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