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 +====== ImageList Editor ======
 +This dialog is accessed by double-clicking to the right of Images in Object Inspector when a ImageList control is selected.
 +{{  proped_imagelist_editor.png?​nolink ​ }}
 +\\ \\
 +|Add single...|Add one icon to the list, including from a .exe containing multiple icons and from icon libraries|
 +|Add library...|Add all icons from a .exe or icon library|
 +|Remove|Remove currently selected icon from the list|
 +|Clear List|Remove all icons from the list|
 +|Save|Save icons in the list to a new icon library|
 +To choose one icon from a file containing multiple icons, click on the left side of the list to open a combo box, then choose it from the drop-down list.
 +Windows Vista and up do not support 16-bit icon libraries. (Old .icl and .nil libraries are usually are 16-bit). Koda can save 16-bit icons to a new 32-bit library (.dll) that is  supported by newer versions of Windows. So, to convert an old library to the new format, load it into this editor as library, and then save it.
 +This editor is also useful for consolidating icons from various sources into a single library.
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