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 +====== Graphic Editor ====== ​
 +Double-clicking to the right of Items in Object Inspector when a Graphic control is selected opens this editor.
 +{{ proped_graphic_editor.png }}
 +#​remarks_header[Parts of the editor]#
 +The editor consists of the design area, list of objects, property inspector, status bar, the toolbar, context menu, and three buttons.
 +The **design area** is where objects are drawn. By default, the grid is displayed. To hide it, click on //​Options//,​ then on //Show grid//. As illustrated above, an object has **handles**. They show as red squares.
 +The **list of objects** lists the objects that are currently in the design area. To select an object, click on it here. When selected, the handles of the object are displayed.
 +The list is in order of Z-order, from back to front. ​
 +The **property inspector** displays the properties of the selected object. To show the handles of a line or bezier curve even when it is not selected, set Show points to True.
 +The **status bar** displays the position of the cursor and the number of objects.
 +The **toolbar** contains icons for:
 +  * selection, line, bezier curve, rectangle, ellipse, pie chart, dot, and pixel
 +  * brush width, fill color, brush color (these are drop-downs)
 +The **Edit** button opens a drop-down menu. It contains: Cut, Copy, Paste, Delete, Bring to front, and Send to back. 
 +The** context menu** offers the same choices; however, as explained below, it sometimes also offers Insert a breakpoint and Remove a breakpoint.
 +The **Options** button opens a drop-down menu. It contains: Show grid and Create next shape with current formatting.
 +**To add an object to the control:**
 +  - Click on a shape in the toolbar
 +  - Click and drag in the design area to position and size the object.
 +Unless //Create next shape with the current formatting//​ is checked before adding the object, it is drawn with the default brush width, brush color and fill setting: 1 pixel, black, not filled.
 +**To adjust the size of an object**, select it either in the design area or in the list of objects, then either:
 +  - Drag one of its handles, or
 +  - Change numeric values in the object inspector, or
 +  - Move the object horizontally with <​key>​C-left</​key>​ or <​key>​C-right</​key>,​ or
 +  - Move the object vertically with <​key>​C-up</​key>​ or <​key>​C-down</​key>​
 +**To move an object:**
 +  - For an unfilled object, click anywhere on the object, except on a handle
 +  - For a filled object, click anywhere on its edge, except on a handle
 +  - Drag the object to its new position.
 +**To select several objects:**
 +  - Select the first object by clicking on it in the design area or in the list of objects
 +  - Shift-click on each of the other objects.
 +**To change the brush or fill color of an existing object:**
 +  - Select the object
 +  - Click on brush width, ​ brush color or fill color in the toolbar,or
 +  - Click on the arrow beside it and choose a width or color.
 +**To make visible an object partially or wholly hidden by another, filled, object**:
 +  - select the hidden object in the list of objects
 +  - On the context menu, choose //Bring to front//.
 +  - select the filled object
 +  - On the context menu, choose //Send to back//.
 +Koda also offers a //​multi-line//​ or //segmented line// shape, i.e. a line with another line attached to its end. Koda still calls this a line in the list of objects.
 +**To create a segmented line:**
 +  - Create a line  ​
 +  - If the line is not selected, select it by clicking anywhere on it
 +  - Position the cursor on a handle (end-point) of the line. You will know that you have grabbed the handle when the cursor changes to a hand.
 +  - Right-click and choose **Add line segment**.
 +  - If the cursor is a pointer, move the cursor to the  end-point of the line. The cursor will change to a hand.
 +  - Click and drag the cursor to position the other end of the new line.
 +This feature is powerful enough to insert a line segment starting from the middle of a segmented line.
 +**To remove a point from a segmented line:**
 +  - Position the cursor on the point to be removed. You will know that you have grabbed the handle when the cursor changes to a hand.
 +  - Right-click and choose **Remove point**.
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