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Events Editor

When you double-click to the right of OnClick, OnClose, OnMaximize, OnMinimize or OnRestore in Object Inspector, one of two dialogs is displayed - depending on the mode.

The mode for a form is the setting in Tools→Generating options.

#remarks_header[In Message Loop mode]#

Notify causes Koda to generate a <color blue>Case</color> for this control in the Message Loop.

#remarks_header[In OnEvent mode]#

If the lower radio button is selected, Koda generates <color blue>Func … EndFunc</color> code for this control. Koda offers a default name for the function; this may be overridden either by choosing the name of a click function for another control or by entering a name.

Default resets the name of function to the default. The defaults for OnClick, OnClose, OnMaximize, OnMinimize and OnRestore indicate both the Name of the control and the event.

None tells Koda not to generate notification code for this event for this control.

This screen shot is of the dialog that is displayed when Events Editor is invoked from the OnClick property of a Button control.

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