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 +====== Color Editor ======
 +A color can be chosen in three ways:
 +  - Select one of predefined colors from the combobox
 +  - Double-click on the Color item to open the Windows color dialog
 +  - Enter a hexadecimal constant in the combobox
 +#​remarks_header[Predefined colors]#
 +There are two groups of predefined colors:
 +  * System colors - can be changed in the Windows Control Panel, and
 +  * Fixed colors.
 +The **System colors** are: 
 +|clActiveBorder|Active window border|
 +|clActiveCaption|Active window title bar|
 +|clAppWorkSpace|Background color of multiple document interface (MDI) applications|
 +|clBtnFace|Face color for 3D display elements and for dialog box backgrounds|
 +|clBtnHighlight|Highlight color for 3D display elements (for edges facing the light source)|
 +|clBtnShadow|Shadow color for 3D display elements (for edges facing away from the light source)|
 +|clBtnText|Text on push buttons|
 +|clCaptionText|Text in caption, size box, and scroll bar arrow box|
 +|clDefault| |
 +|clGradientActiveCaption|Right side color in the color gradient of an active window'​s title bar|
 +|clGradientInactiveCaption|Right side color in the color gradient of an inactive window'​s title bar|
 +|clGrayText|Grayed (disabled) text|
 +|clHighlight|Item(s) selected in a control|
 +|clHighlightText|Text of item(s) selected in a control|
 +|clHotlight|Color for a hyperlink or hot-tracked item|
 +|clInactiveBorder|Inactive window border|
 +|clInactiveCaption|Inactive window caption|
 +|clInactiveCaptionText|Color of text in an inactive caption|
 +|clInfoBk|Background color for tooltip controls|
 +|clInfoText|Text color for tooltip controls|
 +|clMenu|Menu background|
 +|clMenuBar|Background color for the menu bar when menus appear as flat menus|
 +|clMenuHighlight|Color used to highlight menu items when the menu appears as a flat menu|
 +|clMenuText|Text in menus|
 +|clNone| |
 +|clScrollbar|Scroll bar gray area|
 +|clWindow|Window background|
 +|clWindowFrame|Window frame|
 +|clWindowText|Text in windows|
 +|cl3DDkShadow| |
 +|cl3DLight| |
 +The **Fixed colors** are:
 +|width="​20"​ style="​background-color:​black;"​|\ ||width="​150"​|clBlack||0x000000
 +|width="​20"​ style="​background-color:​maroon;"​|\ ||width="​150"​|clMaroon||0x800000
 +|width="​20"​ style="​background-color:​green;"​|\ ||width="​150"​|clGreen||0x008000
 +|width="​20"​ style="​background-color:​olive;"​|\ ||width="​150"​|clOlive||0x808000
 +|width="​20"​ style="​background-color:​navy;"​|\ ||width="​150"​|clNavy||0x000080
 +|width="​20"​ style="​background-color:​purple;"​|\ ||width="​150"​|clPurple||0x800080
 +|width="​20"​ style="​background-color:​teal;"​|\ ||width="​150"​|clTeal||0x008080
 +|width="​20"​ style="​background-color:​gray;"​|\ ||width="​150"​|clGray||0x808080
 +|width="​20"​ style="​background-color:​silver;"​|\ ||width="​150"​|clSilver||0xC0C0C0
 +|width="​20"​ style="​background-color:​red;"​|\ ||width="​150"​|clRed||0xFF0000
 +|width="​20"​ style="​background-color:​lime;"​|\ ||width="​150"​|clLime||0x00FF00
 +|width="​20"​ style="​background-color:​yellow;"​|\ ||width="​150"​|clYellow||0xFFFF00
 +|width="​20"​ style="​background-color:​blue;"​|\ ||width="​150"​|clBlue||0x0000FF
 +|width="​20"​ style="​background-color:​fuchsia;"​|\ ||width="​150"​|clFuchsia||0xFF00FF
 +|width="​20"​ style="​background-color:​aqua;"​|\ ||width="​150"​|clAqua||0x00FFFF
 +|width="​20"​ style="​background-color:​white;"​|\ ||width="​150"​|clWhite||0xFFFFFF
 +|width="​20"​ style="​background-color:#​C0DCC0;"​|\ ||width="​150"​|clMoneyGreen||0xC0DCC0
 +|width="​20"​ style="​background-color:#​A6CAF0;"​|\ ||width="​150"​|clSkyBlue||0xA6CAF0
 +|width="​20"​ style="​background-color:#​FFFBF0;"​|\ ||width="​150"​|clCream||0xFFFBF0
 +|width="​20"​ style="​background-color:#​A0A0A4;"​|\ ||width="​150"​|clMedGray||0xA0A0A4
 +#​remarks_header[Color expressed as a hexadecimal constant]#
 +A color can be entered as a hexadecimal constant. The format is <color blue>​00RRGGBB</​color>​.
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