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 +====== Collection Editor ======
 +//This dialog is accessed by double-clicking to the right of://
 +  * //Columns in Object Inspector when a Listview control is selected, and//
 +  * //Panels when a Statusbar control is selected.//
 +<columns 100% - 200px>
 +To add a new column/​panel:​
 +  - Click on the {{glyph_new.png|}} button. An item is added to the list of columns/​panels.
 +  - Edit the column/​panel properties in Object Inspector as you wish.
 +  - Press  <​key>​Enter</​key>​ to confirm
 +To delete a column/​panel:​
 +  - Select the item in the list
 +  - Click on the {{glyph_remove.png|}} ​ button.
 +{{  proped_collection_editor.png ​ |}}
 +To re-sequence the columns/​panels:​
 +  - Select an item in the list
 +  - Click on the {{glyph_updown.png|}} buttons to move the item up or down.
 +To specify the properties of each column/​panel:​
 +  - Click on the column/​panel in the Editor
 +  - Enter the data in Object Inspector.
 +Column properties are described [[control_listview|here]]. Scroll down to Columns.
 +Panel properties are described [[control_statusbar|here]]. Scroll down to Panels.
 +#​term_definition[Only for Listview Columns]#
 +Koda, like Windows, does not permit center- or right-justifying the first column created. The work-around is:
 +  - Create the columns you wish to populate
 +  - Create another column. There is no need to change its name from the default.
 +  - Move this column up so that it becomes Column 0.
 +  - Delete it
 +  - You can now change the justification of your first column to center or right.
 +To finish editing just close the dialog.
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