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 +====== ActiveX Browser ======
 +<color red>​Warning! Save your form before trying to choose objects! Though Koda will try to handle errors caused by ActiveX components, this realm is in many cases unpredictable,​ and some components can freeze or crash Koda! It will then be too late to save your work.</​color>​
 +//This dialog is accessed by double-clicking to the right of AXObject in Object Inspector when an Obj (ActiveX) control is selected.//
 +{{  proped_activex_browser.png ​ |}}
 +:!: The browser can take significant time to scan the Registry for installed components that have IDispatch interfaces and can be embedded into GUI.
 +To embed an ActiveX component:
 +  - Wait for the browser to find all suitable components in the Registry
 +  - Select a component from the list. Its path, ID, and GUID will be displayed
 +  - Koda attempts to display this object in preview area. 
 +  - **Check the status line to see whether object was created successfully or not.**
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