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 +====== Toolbars ======
 +Doing Options → Options and clicking on Toolbars displays this pane: 
 +{{  opt_toolbars.png ​ |}}
 +Koda has two pre-populated toolbars: //Standard Toolbar// and //​Functions//​. By default, they  are docked near the top left of the screen. They can be moved.
 +Koda also provides three other toolbars that are initially empty: //User toolbar 1//, //2// and //3//.
 +All toolbars can be customized. ​
 +To add a new command to a toolbar:
 +  - Select the toolbar in the drop-down box near the top right of the pane. Commands that are already in the toolbar are displayed in the right list.
 +  - Drag and drop the command from the left list to the right list.
 +To insert a separator into a toolbar, drag and drop the special <color blue>​---Separator--</​color>​ item to the right list.
 +To remove a command from a toolbar:
 +  - Select the toolbar
 +  - Drag and drop the command from the right list to the left list.
 +Click on the {{opt_toolbar_edit.png?​nolink|}} button at the top right to be able to rename the toolbar.
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