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 +====== Templates ======
 +Doing Options -> Options and clicking on Templates displays this dialog:
 +{{  opt_templates.png ​ |}}
 +Any template for code generation that you create will either be for Message Loop mode or Event mode. Koda comes with one template for each mode: Loop Example and Event Example.
 +When you click on **Loop**, templates usable in Message Loop mode appear in the list; when you click on **Events**, templates usable in that mode appear.
 +When you select a template and right-click on it, a context menu appears, with the following choices:
 +  * New - Creates a template from scratch
 +  * Edit - Opens the selected template in the [[dialog_code_template_editor]]
 +  * Delete - Deletes the selected template
 +  * Duplicate - Makes a copy of the selected template
 +  * Toggle default - Makes the selected template the default.
 +The default template is used for generating code via Tools -> Generate Form Code (or the <​key>​F9</​key>​ key).
 +  ​
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