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 +====== Formatting ======
 +Doing Options -> Options and clicking on Formatting displays this pane:
 +{{  opt_formatting.png ​ |}}
 +\\ \\
 +#​remarks_header[Default formatting options]#
 +These settings apply to newly created Forms. They can be overridden in Tools -> Generating Options | Formatting.
 +The **Indent char** can be a //tab// or a //space//. The calls to GUI functions (in Message Loop mode), and OnClick functions (in OnEvent mode) are indented **Init** ​ characters. Other lines are indented an additional **Count** indent characters times the indent level.
 +The default is for Koda not to declare control ID and % variables: the **Scope** of **Variables** is //Not set//. //Global// declares the variables as Global; //Local// declares them as Local.
 +  ​
 +#​remarks_header[Other settings]#
 +This setting applies to newly created Forms. It cannot be overridden for the currently active form in Tools -> Generating Options.
 +The **Data separator** is the character used as the separator for parameters of GUI functions ​ that require a separator, e.g. <color blue>​GUICtrlCreateListView</​color>​.
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