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 +====== Code Generator ======
 +Options -> Options -> Code Generator sets the code generation options that will be applied to newly created forms (except ones created from [[dialog_templates_gallery|templates]]). They may be overridden by settings in Tools -> Generating Options.
 +{{  opt_code_generator.png ​ |}}
 +\\ \\
 +#​remarks_header[Default Generator Options]#
 +These settings apply to newly created Forms. They can be overridden in Tools -> Generating Options.
 +If **Generate OnEvent code** is not checked, Message Loop code will be generated; if it is  checked, OnEvent code will be generated. ​
 +If **Generate events for all controls** is not checked, //event// code is only generated for controls that have the OnClick property set in Object Inspector; if checked, //event// code is generated for all controls.
 +If **Expand %var% variables** is not checked, Captions are converted to code literally; if checked, characters between <color blue>​%</​color>​ signs are taken to be the name of a variable, possibly resulting in an expression.
 +An example: <color blue>​Info for user %user%</​color>​ will be generated as  <color blue>"​Info for user " & $user</​color>​. ​
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