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 +====== First look ======
 +Koda was built with Delphi. It also uses some standard Delphi components and concepts. We understand that it can be a bit unfamiliar for one who hasn't worked with an IDE like Delphi, VB, VC, etc., so we'll try to explain some of the "​unique"​ aspects of Koda. 
 +  - __**I can understand "​Button",​ but what does the strange "​TAButton"​ mean?**__\\ This concept comes from the object-oriented language Delphi. In Delphi, all object classes begin with the letter "​T"​. When creating an instance of an object, T is dropped and the "name of the instantiated object"​ becomes the "name of class (without T) + number of instance"​. In Koda a pre-pended letter "​A", ​ is indicative of "​Autoit"​.\\ The benefit of the "​GUI"​ is that the properties of the controls are provided in a consistent and sequential manner with the benefit being increased productivity,​ so it is not necessary to get caught up in the naming conventions used. :-)
 +  - __**What about those strange color names?​**__\\ Actually, this concept is very convenient. You will find more detailed explanation of all color naming conventions [[proped_color_editor|here]].
 +  - __**What do the weird prefixes of some properties, like the "​fs"​ in fsBold, etc. mean?**__\\ This comes directly from Delphi, where all flags in one set usually have some prefix. Usually, those prefixes are meaningful. Just to clarify, "​fs"​ means "​**f**ont **s**tyle"​.\\ This may change in future versions though.
 +  - __**Where do I set text colors? The Color property changes background color.**__\\ Text color is set in the Font property group.
 +  - __**Control positions look strange in controls placed within group control.**__\\ Please read about [[container_control]].
 +  - __**What to do with strange controls placed within Menu, ContextMenu,​ and TrayMenu?​**__\\ Please read about [[substitute_control]].
 +That's all folks! If you have understood the above text, then you are ready to start building a GUI with Koda!
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