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 +====== Open ======
 +File -> Open opens a file dialog that allows you to choose either a .kxf (Koda form) file or .au3 (AutoIt script) file:
 +  * If you choose a .kxf file, the definition contained in that file is loaded,
 +  * If you choose a .au3 file, all the .kxf files referenced in that AutoIt script file are loaded.
 +//​Referenced//​ means //​containing a line beginning//
 +<code autoit>#​Region ### START Koda GUI section ### Form=
 +When Koda generates code, it includes such a line.
 +Form code can also be extracted from an AutoIt script with  [[file_import_autoit_gui|Import -> Import AutoIt GUI]] 
 +The keyboard shortcut for this function is <​key>​C-o</​key>​.
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