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 +====== Features ======
 +Welcome to the Koda help file.
 +Koda was developed to help assist with the creation of forms (GUIs) for the AutoIt3 scripting language. Koda saves its form definition in a standard XML file with .kxf extension. It offers all the control properties and styles that AutoIt offers. The interface has four principal parts: [[window_main_window]],​ [[window_object_tree]],​[[window_object_inspector]] and [[window_form_list]].
 +===== Designer features =====
 +  * all AutoIt controls supported
 +  * support for four custom (UDF based) controls
 +  * control resizing and moving
 +  * control copy/​cut/​paste/​delete
 +  * unlimited undo levels
 +  * alignment to grid (grid size is customizable)
 +  * changing properties and styles in [[window_object_inspector]] reflects immediately
 +  * align palette for control alignment
 +  * visual control tab order changing
 +  * customizable colors
 +  * customizable tool bars
 +  * forms saving and loading
 +  * simultaneous multiple forms editing
 +  * generates new code or updates existing script
 +  * easy-to-use [[dialog_templates_gallery]] for organizing your templates
 +  * import existing GUI scripts (even those not created by Koda)
 +  * support for write and use import converters (for other form formats)
 +  * multilingual
 +==== Multiple controls handling ====
 +You can cut, copy, paste and delete multiple controls at the same time. Controls can be selected by a "​rubber frame"​.
 +When you select multiple controls, all properties that are common to them can be changed at the same time.
 +===== Generating code =====
 +Koda tries to create code that is as clean and readable as possible. The code generator is able to:
 +  * generate loop and event code
 +  * generate include statements
 +  * make use of user templates
 +  * make literal presentation of styles
 +  * expand variables in the text properties
 +  * expand AutoIt macros in text properties
 +  * use customizable indentation
 +  * use customizable variables scope
 +===== Portability =====
 +Koda is fully portable. No additional libraries or registry support is required to execute on your system. The only registry key Koda **may** create is the KXF file association — at your discretion. All of Koda's settings are kept within a single xml file.
 +If you run Koda in a environment where you have no writing rights, you will be prompted to comply in two ways:
 +  * Continue to work without the ability to save your settings
 +  * Allow Koda to save settings in the "​Koda"​ subfolder within %AppData% folder of current user profile
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