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 +====== Control ======
 +Edit -> Control makes editing easier. None of the operations are saved in the .kxf (form) file.
 +{{  menu_control.png }}
 +|**Bring\ to front**|Shows selected control(s) in front of others, making them more visible|
 +|**Send\ to back**|Shows selected control(s) behind unselected ones|
 +|**Lock**|Locks selected control(s). A locked control can neither be moved nor resized.|
 +|**Unlock**|Restores the ability to move and resize selected control(s)|
 +|**No insert in**|Prevents insertion of controls into a selected Group or Tab|
 +|**No copy**|Prevents copying of selected control(s)|
 +When a  control is locked, its grab handles turn orange.
 +**Bring to front** and **Send to back** have immediate effect and affect the order of GUI calls in generated code. The other choices expire at the end of the current Koda session and are not reflected in generated code.
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