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 +====== Code Dialog ======
 +//This dialog is accessed via://
 +  * //the Generate Code button on the Toolbar, //
 +  * //the <key>F9</key> key,// 
 +  * //Tools -> Generate Form Code,// 
 +  * //Tools -> Generating Options, Save and Generate//
 +{{  dialog_generated_code.png  |}}
 +First, select the destination for the generated code by clicking on the down arrow: 
 +  * Copy to Clipboard, 
 +  * Save to file, or
 +  * Insert into SciTe
 +// Insert into SciTe is only enabled if Koda was run from SciTe.//
 +Then click on the button.
 +If you choose **Copy to Clipboard**, the whole of the generated code is copied to the Clipboard.
 +If you chose **Save to file**, Koda opens a file save-as dialog, ready for you to choose a .au3 file to save the generated code to. If you choose an existing file, it is overwritten.
 +If you chose **Insert into SciTe**, the generated code is pasted into SciTe, into the current AutoIt script at the cursor position.
 +Koda also allows you to select a block of code. In this way, you can copy part of the code Koda has generated to the Clipboard.
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