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Creates a tray menu. To Koda, a tray menu is a substitute control.

See the tutorial Creating a menu control


IconSpecifies an image to display in system tray. Double_click to the right to open Picture editor
IconDebugEnables showing debug information when mouse hovers over icon in system tray
ItemsTree of html_wikilink('control_menuitem','MenuItems'). Double-click to the right to open html_wikilink('proped_menu_builder','')
MouseClickMouse events that cause menu to show. Click on + to expand
mcPriPress - Primary button down
mcPriRelease - Primary button up
mcPriDblClick - Primary button double-click
mcSecPress - Secondary button down
mcSecRelease - Secondary button up
mcSecDblClick - Secondary button double-click
mcMouseOver - mouse hovers over icon
Default: mcPriPress + mcSecPress
NameName of control and of the variable that is assigned its control ID in generated code. If not specified, no variable is generated
ShowStdMenuIf True, adds Script paused and Exit to menu


While AutoIt does not call tray menu functions GUI… functions, their methods are sufficiently similar to those for main and context menus that tray menus can be created and generated by Koda.

A tray menu is automatically attached to a form when created.


Menu, ContextMenu

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