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 +====== Tab ======
 +|class="​cboxcell1"​|{{ ​ control_tab.gif ​ |}}
 +Creates a tab control
 +See the tutorial, [[koda:​documentation:​creating_a_tab_control|]]
 +|**ActivePage**|{{KODA>​VAR>​ActivePage}} |
 +|**Align**|{{KODA>​VAR>​Align}} |
 +|**Color**|{{KODA>​VAR>​Color}} |
 +|**ContextMenu**|{{KODA>​VAR>​ContextMenu}} |
 +|**Cursor**|{{KODA>​VAR>​Cursor}} |
 +|**Enabled**|False generates <color blue>​GUICtrlSetState(-1,​ $GUI_DISABLE)</​color>​ |
 +|**Font**|{{KODA>​VAR>​Font}} |
 +|**Left,​Top**|{{KODA>​VAR>​Left,​Top}} |
 +|**Width,​Height**|{{KODA>​VAR>​Width,​Height}} |
 +|**Hint**|Text that appears when cursor hovers over control. Generates call to <color blue>​GUICtrlSetTip</​color>​ |
 +|**Images**| ImageList containing icons to show at tops of Pages (optional). [[control_imagelist|]] must already exist|
 +|**Name**|{{KODA>​VAR>​Name}} |
 +|**OnClick**|Generates (in Message Loop mode) a <color blue>​Case</​color> ​ or (in OnEvent mode) a call to <color blue>​GUISetOnEvent</​color>​ and a skeleton event function. Double-click to right to open [[proped_events_editor]] |
 +|**Resizing**|{{KODA>​VAR>​Resizing}} |
 +|**TabOrder**|Sequence in which controls are selected with the <​key>​Tab</​key>​ and <​key>​S-Tab</​key>​ keys. For a Form and for each Group, TabOrder starts with 0. You may prefer to use the [[dialog_tab_order_editor|TabOrder Visual Editor]]: press <​key>​C-t</​key>​ to open it. |
 +|**Visible**|If False, generates <color blue>​GUICtrlSetState(-1,​ $GUI_HIDE)</​color>​ |
 +|TCS_SCROLLOPPOSITE|Unneeded tabs scroll to the opposite side of the control when a tab is selected |
 +|TCS_BOTTOM|Page labels appear at the bottom of pages |
 +|TCS_FLATBUTTONS|With TCS_BUTTONS,​ buttons are two-dimensional |
 +|TCS_FORCEICONLEFT|Icon is at left edge of page label, leaving text centered. Requires TCS_FIXEDWIDTH |
 +|TCS_FORCELABELLEFT|Text is at left side of page label, icon next to it. Requires TCS_FIXEDWIDTH. Implies TCS_FORCEICONLEFT |
 +|TCS_HOTTRACK|Page label under cursor is  highlighted. Requires TCS_BUTTONS |
 +|TCS_VERTICAL|Page labels appear at side of pages: on right if TCS_BOTTOM else at left |
 +|TCS_TABS|Page labels appear normally |
 +|TCS_BUTTONS|Page labels appear and work like buttons. Page area is usually not used. Control has no border. Do not use with TCS_SCROLLOPPOSITE |
 +|TCS_SINGLELINE|When widths of page labels exceed width of control, show horizontal scroll bar |
 +|TCS_MULTILINE|When widths of page labels exceed width of control, show multiple rows of page titles|
 +|TCS_RIGHTJUSTIFY|Page labels widen to occupy width of control. Requires TCS_MULTILINE |
 +|TCS_FIXEDWIDTH|Page labels are all the same width |
 +|TCS_RAGGEDRIGHT|Width of page labels depends on width of labels |
 +|TCS_FOCUSONBUTTONDOWN|Page receives input focus on button down. Useful with TCS_BUTTONS |
 +|TCS_FOCUSNEVER|Page never receives input focus |
 +|WS_TABSTOP|Control can be selected with <​key>​Tab</​key>​ and <​key>​S-Tab</​key>​ |
 +#​remarks_header[Extra Styles:]#
 +|TCS_EX_FLATSEPARATORS|Shows separators between page labels. Requires TCS_BUTTONS and TCS_FLATBUTTONS |
 +Each page has its own properties:
 +|**Caption**|Text displayed at the top of the page|
 +|**Left, Top**|{{KODA>​VAR>​Left,​Top}} |
 +|**Width, Height**|{{KODA>​VAR>​Width,​Height}} |
 +|**Hint**|Text that appears when cursor hovers over control. Generates call to <color blue>​GUICtrlSetTip</​color>​ |
 +|**ImageIndex**|{{KODA>​VAR>​ImageIndex}} |
 +|**Name**|{{KODA>​VAR>​Name}} |
 +  * AutoIt limits the number of Tab controls on a form to one.
 +  * Microsoft admits that Hints can behave strangely: consider a Tab control with //n// pages:
 +^With Hints on  ^Without Hints on  ^Hints show  ^
 +|Control only  |all Pages  |Control'​s Hint on all Pages  |
 +|Page 1  |Control, other Pages  |Page 1  |
 +|Page //n//  |Control|Page //n// Hint on Pages 1 to //n//  |
 +|Pages 1 and //n//  |Control and other Pages  |Only Pages 1 and //n// have Hints  |
 +|Control and any //​Page(s)// ​ |other Pages  |on  //Page(s//) - other Pages don't show Control'​s Hint  |
 +This behavior is acknowledged in AutoIt; it may be due to a deficiency in Windows.
 +Koda partly overcomes this behavior. If a Page other than the first one specifies a Hint, Koda generates <color blue>​GUICtrlSetTip(-1,""​)</​color>​ for the first page. 
 +Koda is unable to have the Hint for the control show when any of the Pages specify a Hint.
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