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 +====== ListView ======
 +|class="​cboxcell1"​|{{ ​ control_listview.gif ​ |}}
 +Creates a listview control
 +|**Align**|{{KODA>​VAR>​Align}} |
 +|**Color**| {{KODA>​VAR>​Color}}|
 +|**Columns**|Columns ​ and their headings (in report mode). Double-click to the right to specify them using [[proped_collection_editor|Columns editor]] |
 +|**ContextMenu**|{{KODA>​VAR>​ContextMenu}} |
 +|**Cursor**|{{KODA>​VAR>​Cursor}} |
 +|**Enabled**|False generates <color blue>​GUICtrlSetState(-1,​ $GUI_DISABLE)</​color>​ |
 +|**Font**|{{KODA>​VAR>​Font}} |
 +|**Left,​Top**|{{KODA>​VAR>​Left,​Top}} |
 +|**Width,​Height**|{{KODA>​VAR>​Width,​Height}} |
 +|**Hint**|Text that appears when cursor hovers over control. Generates call to <color blue>​GUICtrlSetTip</​color>​ |
 +|**Images**|If list items are to have icons, select an ImageList from drop-down to attach it. The ImageList must already exist.|
 +|**Items**|Double-click to the right to specify list contents using  [[proped_listview_editor]]. |
 +|**Name**|{{KODA>​VAR>​Name}} |
 +|**OnClick**|Generates (in Message Loop mode) a <color blue>​Case</​color> ​ or (in OnEvent mode) a call to <color blue>​GUISetOnEvent</​color>​ and a skeleton event function. Double-click to right to open [[proped_events_editor]] |
 +|**Resizing**|{{KODA>​VAR>​Resizing}} |
 +|**TabOrder**|Sequence in which controls are selected with the <​key>​Tab</​key>​ and <​key>​S-Tab</​key>​ keys. For a Form and for each Group, TabOrder starts with 0. You may prefer to use the [[dialog_tab_order_editor|TabOrder Visual Editor]]: press <​key>​C-t</​key>​ to open it. |
 +|**Visible**|If False, generates <color blue>​GUICtrlSetState(-1,​ $GUI_HIDE)</​color>​ |
 +Each column has its own properties:
 +|**Alignment**|Alignment of header text:   ​**taCenter**,​**taLeftJustify**,​ **taRightJustify**|
 +|**Caption**|Text of column header |
 +|**Width**|Width of column. Special values:\\ -1 - width is set to maximum width of items in the column\\ -2 - width is width of text in column header|
 +|LVS_REPORT|Report view: has columns with or without headings |
 +|LVS_LIST|List view: a list, optionally with 32x32 icons |
 +|LVS_EDITLABELS|Item text can be edited in place |
 +|LVS_NOCOLUMNHEADER|Column headers are not displayed in report view |
 +|LVS_SINGLESEL|Restricts selection to one row, rather than being able to select multiple rows. Requires LVS_REPORT |
 +|LVS_SHOWSELALWAYS|Retains selection of row when control loses focus |
 +|LVS_SORTASCENDING|Sorts rows in ascending alphabetic order of first column |
 +|LVS_SORTDESCENDING|Sorts rows in ascending alphabetic order of first column |
 +|LVS_NOLABELWRAP|Items are restricted to a single line, rather than wrapping to a second line |
 +|LVS_NOSCROLL|Prevent scroll bars showing when data exceeds bounds of control |
 +|WS_TABSTOP|Control can be selected with <​key>​Tab</​key>​ and <​key>​S-Tab</​key>​ |
 +#​remarks_header[Extra Styles:]#
 +Column 0 can only be left-justified when created. To right- or center-justify this column, use the procedure in [[proped_collection_editor|Columns editor]].
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