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Creates an IPAddress control


Left,TopPosition of control relative to its parent
Width,HeightSize of control in pixels
NameName of control and of the variable that is assigned its handle in generated code. If not specified, no variable is generated .
TabOrderSequence in which controls are selected with the Tab and Shift+Tab keys. For a Form and for each Group, TabOrder starts with 0. You may prefer to use the TabOrder Visual Editor: press Ctrl+T to open it.
TextIP address
VisibleIf False, hides the control and generates <color blue>GUICtrlSetState(-1, $GUI_HIDE)</color>


WS_TABSTOPControl can be selected with Tab and Shift+Tab
WS_HSCROLLControl has horizontal scroll bar
WS_VSCROLLControl has vertical scroll bar
WS_VISIBLEControl is visible
WS_BORDERControl has a thin-line border
WS_CLIPSIBLINGSIf this control overlaps with another, this control shows partially

#remarks_header[Extra Styles:]#

WS_EX_CLIENTEDGEControl has border with sunken edge
WS_EX_STATICEDGEControl has a three-dimensional border





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