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Creates an icon control


ContextMenuSpecifies html_wikilink('control_contextmenu','context menu') to attach to control. html_wikilink('create_menu','Create the ContextMenu') first
CursorCursor shape to display when mouse is over this control
EnabledFalse generates <color blue>GUICtrlSetState(-1, $GUI_DISABLE)</color>
Left,TopPosition of control relative to its parent
Width,HeightSize of control in pixels
HintText that appears when cursor hovers over control. Generates call to <color blue>GUICtrlSetTip</color>
NameName of control and of the variable that is assigned its control ID in generated code. If not specified, no variable is generated
OnClickGenerates (in Message Loop mode) a Case or (in OnEvent mode) a call to GUISetOnEvent and a skeleton event function. Double-click to right to open html_wikilink('proped_events_editor','')
PictureSpecifies an image to display. Double-click to the right to open html_wikilink('proped_images_editor','')
StretchDefines how control will stretch on resizing. This is design only property.
sFree - Width and height can be changed independently
sProportional - Aspect ratio is preserved
sRealSize - Width and height are determined by original size of image
ResizingClick on + to expand resize modes:
DocAuto - resize and reposition according to new window size
DocRight - Do not move right side
DocLeft - Do not move left side
DocTop - Do not move top
DocBottom - Do not move bottom
DocHCenter - Horizontal center remains fixed
DocVCenter - Vertical center remains fixed
DocWidth - Width does not change
DocHeight - Height does not change
TabOrderSequence in which controls are selected with the Tab and Shift+Tab keys. For a Form and for each Group, TabOrder starts with 0. You may prefer to use the TabOrder Visual Editor: press Ctrl+T to open it.
VisibleIf False, generates <color blue>GUICtrlSetState(-1, $GUI_HIDE)</color>


SS_NOTIFYWhen user clicks on control, sends STN_CLICKED notification to form
SS_CENTERIMAGECenter an image in the control, even when form is resized
SS_RIGHTJUSTWhen form is resized or image is changed, only top and right sides of the control move
SS_SUNKENHalf-sunken border
WS_TABSTOPControl can be selected with Tab and Shift+Tab
WS_HSCROLLControl has horizontal scroll bar
WS_VSCROLL Control has vertical scroll bar
WS_BORDERControl has a thin-line border
WS_CLIPSIBLINGSIf this control overlaps with another, this control shows partially

#remarks_header[Extra Styles:]#

WS_EX_CLIENTEDGEControl has border with sunken edge
WS_EX_STATICEDGEControl has a three-dimensional border





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