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 +====== Form ======
 +|class="​cboxcell1"​|{{ ​ control_form.gif ​ |}}
 +A form is created by doing File -> New and selecting a template from the [[dialog_templates_gallery]] dialog or by clicking on the **New form** toolbar button.
 +|**Caption**|Text that appears in the title bar. Can contain [[koda:​documentation:​appendice_faq|% variables]]. |
 +|**ClientHeight**|{{KODA>​VAR>​ClientHeight}} |
 +|**ClientWidth**|{{KODA>​VAR>​ClientWidth}} |
 +|**Color**|Background color|
 +|**ContextMenu**|Specifies [[control_contextmenu|context menu]] to attach to form. [[koda:​documentation:​create_menu|Create the ContextMenu control]] first |
 +|**Cursor**|Cursor shape to display when mouse is not over a control that has a shape specified |
 +|**Description**|{{KODA>​VAR>​Description}} |
 +|**Enabled**|False generates <color blue>​GUISetState(@SW_DISABLE)</​color>​|
 +|**Font**|{{KODA>​VAR>​Font}} |
 +|**Left,​Top**|Position of the form, in pixels: see Position |
 +|**Width,​Height**|Size of form, in pixels |
 +|**Hint**|Text that appears when mouse hovers over form. Overridden by Hints for controls |
 +|**Icon**|{{KODA>​VAR>​Icon_Form}} |
 +|**Menu**|{{KODA>​VAR>​Menu}} |
 +|**Name**|Name of form and of the variable that is assigned its window handle in generated code. If not specified, no variable is generated |
 +|**OnClose**\\ **OnMaximize**\\ **OnMinimize**\\ **OnRestore**|For each of these events Koda generates (in Message Loop mode) a <color blue>​Case</​color> ​ or (in OnEvent mode) a call to <color blue>​GUISetOnEvent</​color>​ and a skeleton event function. Double-click to right to open [[koda:​documentation:​proped_events_editor|]] |
 +|**ParentForm**|{{KODA>​VAR>​ParentForm}} ​ |
 +|**Position**|{{KODA>​VAR>​Position_Form}} |
 +|**Resizing**|{{KODA>​VAR>​Resizing}} |
 +|**TrayMenu**|{{KODA>​VAR>​TrayMenu}} |
 +|**Visible**|False hides the form |
 +^ Constant ^ Description ^ Comments ^
 +|WS_MAXIMIZEBOX|Form has a maximize box | |
 +|WS_MINIMIZEBOX|Form has a minimize box | |
 +|WS_SIZEBOX|Form has a re-sizing border |Same as     ​WS_THICKFRAME|
 +|WS_SYSMENU|Form has system menu on title bar|Requires WS_CAPTION|
 +|WS_DLGFRAME|Form has double border but no titlebar| |
 +|WS_CAPTION|Form has title bar |Includes WS_BORDER|
 +|WS_MAXIMIZE|Form is initially maximized| |
 +|WS_CLIPCHILDREN|Excludes area occupied by child windows when drawing occurs within the parent window |Used when creating ​   the parent window| |
 +|WS_MINIMIZE|Form is initially minimized | |
 +|WS_CHILD|Form is a child window|cannot have menu bar. Cannot be used with WS_POPUP ​ |
 +|WS_POPUP|Creates a pop-up window |Cannot be used with    WS_CHILD|
 +|WS_POPUPWINDOW|Form is window with    WS_BORDER, WS_POPUP, ​   WS_SYSMENU |To make menu visible, check WS_CAPTION |
 +|$WS_OVERLAPPED|Form has title bar and    border |Same as WS_TILED |
 +|WS_HSCROLL|Form has horizontal scroll ​   bar | |
 +|WS_VSCROLL|Form has vertical scroll bar| |
 +|WS_BORDER|Form has a thin-line border | |
 +|WS_CLIPSIBLINGS|If form overlaps another, this form shows fully | |
 +|DS_MODALFRAME|Form is dialog box with modal frame |Check WS_CAPTION for    title bar, WS_SYSMENU for system menu |
 +#​remarks_header[Extended Styles:]#
 +|WS_EX_ACCEPTFILES|Form accepts file names into Edit and Input controls via drag-and-drop ((WS_EX_ACCEPTFILES:​ To enable for an Edit or Input control, also check    GUI_DROPACCEPTED in its styles)) |
 +|WS_EX_MDICHILD|Form is one of several that can be worked on simultaneously -- like MDI |
 +|WS_EX_APPWINDOW|When the Form is visible, force it onto taskbar |
 +|WS_EX_CONTEXTHELP|Puts **?** in title bar. Cannot use with WS_MAXIMIZEBOX and WS_MINIMIZEBOX. Same as  WS_CONTEXTHELP |
 +|WS_LEFTSCROLLBAR|For right-to-left languages, moves vertical scroll bar (if any) to the left |
 +|WS_EX_OVERLAPPEDWINDOW| Form has raised edges and sunken client area |
 +|WS_EX_RIGHT|For right-to-left languages, text in Form and controls flows right to left |
 +|WS_EX_TOOLWINDOW|Form is a toolbar, intended to be floating ((WS_EX_TOOLWINDOW:​ A tool window has a title bar that is shorter than a normal title bar, and the window title is drawn using a smaller font.)) | 
 +|WS_EX_TOPMOST|Form is always on top |
 +|WS_EX_TRANSPARENT|Form appears to be transparent because underlying sibling windows are  painted before this Form |
 +|WS_EX_WINDOWEDGE|Form has raised edges |
 +|WS_EX_LAYERED|Form is layered window. Cannot be used for child windows |
 +|WS_EX_COMPOSITED|Form is painted using double buffering, reducing flicker |
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