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 +====== Dummy ======
 +|class="​cboxcell1"​|{{ ​ control_dummy.gif ​ |}}
 +Creates a Dummy control. To Koda, a tray menu is a [[substitute control|substitute control]].
 +|**ContextMenu**|{{KODA>​VAR>​ContextMenu}} |
 +|**HotKey**|{{KODA>​VAR>​Hotkey}} |
 +|**Name**|{{KODA>​VAR>​Name}} |
 +This control can receive messages through a call to <color blue>​GUICtrlSendToDummy</​color>​. The control will //notify// normally, and the value sent with <color blue>​GUISendToDummy</​color>​ can be read with <color blue>​GUICtrlRead</​color>​. Pressing an accelerator key specified in the HotKey property will also cause it to notify.
 +This control is also useful for serving as the parent control for a //hidden// context menu: it can only be invoked programmatically. This is the reason why the ContextMenu property is provided.
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