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Creates a Dummy control. To Koda, a tray menu is a substitute control.


ContextMenuSpecifies html_wikilink('control_contextmenu','context menu') to attach to control. html_wikilink('create_menu','Create the ContextMenu') first
HotKeyKeystroke that makes this control active
NameName of control and of the variable that is assigned its control ID in generated code. If not specified, no variable is generated


This control can receive messages through a call to <color blue>GUICtrlSendToDummy</color>. The control will notify normally, and the value sent with <color blue>GUISendToDummy</color> can be read with <color blue>GUICtrlRead</color>. Pressing an accelerator key specified in the HotKey property will also cause it to notify.

This control is also useful for serving as the parent control for a hidden context menu: it can only be invoked programmatically. This is the reason why the ContextMenu property is provided.



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