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 +====== Container Controls ======
 +Two controls are Container Controls: [[control_Group]],​ and [[control_controlgroup|]] (Strictly speaking, Form is also a container.) A control that is //contained by// a container control (e.g. a Group control) will have the container control as its parent.
 +//Contained by// as used here needs to be defined. A control that is //contained by// a container control appears in the Object Tree as a child of the container control. Consider: \\
 +{{ :​koda:​documentation:​container_controls_example.png |}}
 +Here Checkbox1 is //contained by// Group1. But Radio1 is not.
 +Checkbox1 was created by visually placing it within the visual bounds of Group1. Radio1 was created outside the bounds and then dragged and dropped where it is now.
 +Because Checkbox1 was created within Group1, if you select Group1 and move it, Checkbox1 moves with the group -- but Radio1 stays where it is.
 +How can I get Radio1 to move with Group1? ​
 +  - Select Radio1
 +  - Cut it
 +  - Select Group1, either in the Object Treeview or by clicking on an edge of it in the Design Area
 +  - Place the cursor visually within Group1
 +  - Press <​key>​C-v</​key>​ to paste it
 +<wrap term_definition>​In summary</​wrap>​
 +  * Controls that, in Object Treeview, are children of a container control move with the container control.
 +  * Deleting (copying, cutting) a container control deletes (copies, cuts) the container control and all controls contained by it.
 +  * A control may be visually within the bounds of a container control but not be contained by it.
 +  * To make a control created visually outside a container control part of the container control, cut the control and paste it into the container.
 +  * The Left and Top properties of controls contained by a container control are relative to the container.
 +<wrap term_definition>​Caveats</​wrap>​
 +  * You cannot drag and drop a control to change whether it is contained by the form or by a container control
 +  * If you cut and paste a control to have it contained by a container control and it is too large to fit in the container control, it will not be displayed in the Design Area.
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