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 +====== Translation tips ======
 +Some items are not translatable,​ namely "​Columns"​ for [[control_ListView]] and "​Panels"​ for [[control_StatusBar]]. These are property names. A future version of Koda may make translation possible.
 +#​remarks_header[Note about translating dynamic items]#
 +Whether some items can be translated depends on what a user has on his system.
 +<code xml>
 +<form name="​frmGalleryBrowser">​
 + ...
 + <​tabGroups property="​Tabs">​
 + <line idx="​0">​Standard</​line>​
 + </​tabGroups>​
 + ...
 +Tabs with index > 0 are dependent on the folders, that user can have in the templates subfolder. Existence of additional lines like <color blue><​line idx="​1">​Something</​line></​color>​ can cause wrong tab names on different systems. So please keep only line with index 0.
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