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-====== Format of Styles File  ====== 
-  ​ 
-Styles definitions reside in the styles.xml file. 
-<code xml> 
-    <​styles>​ 
-        <class name=TAForm forced="​14C00000"​ default="​94CA0000">​ 
-            <style name="​WS_MAXIMIZEBOX"​ value="​00010000"/>​ 
-A <​class>​ definition has one or two attributes: 
-|**default**|default style value: a string of hexadecimal digits|required| 
-|**forced**|its forced value: a string of hexadecimal digits|optional| 
-Each <​style>​ definition has two or three attributes: 
-|**name**|Windows API name of style|required| 
-|**value**|its value: a string of hexadecimal digits|required| 
-|**mask**|the mask for mutually exclusive styles|optional| 
-An example ​ of **mask**: 
-<​code><​style name="​BS_LEFT"​ value="​00000100"​ mask="​00000300"/>​ 
-<style name="​BS_RIGHT"​ value="​00000200"​ mask="​00000300"/>​ 
-<style name="​BS_CENTER"​ value="​00000300"​ mask="​00000300"/>​