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ID Category Type Severity Priority Summary Status Opened by  asc Date closed Due In Version Last Edited Comments
337 Import Bug Report Medium Normal Using parenthesis "()" in tab names, breaks import. Unconfirmed Vitaliy Maksimov 0
333 Application Bug Report Low Normal label width value is being forgotten Unconfirmed Vitas 2012-10-22 3
339 Application Bug Report High Normal I can't rename tab control Unconfirmed Vo Anh Kiet 0
336 Application Bug Report Low Normal Height property value of certain fields (input, combobo... Unconfirmed vvoois 0
322 Application Bug Report Low Normal access vilolation error Unconfirmed wenyibing 2011-10-24 2
37 Import Feature Request Low Low Import - Listview column widths - not imported Assigned Zedna 2010-02-03 3
21 Application Bug Report Low Low Resizing property - missing some constants Postponed Zedna 2009-03-16 2
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